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Welcome to the artist shop for R.D.Ricci!

Welcome to the artist shop for R.D.Ricci!

I am an Animator and Illustrator who have lived and worked in Chile and Europe (Italy, Greece, and Romania). I drew covers for the Greek newspaper Eleftherotypia and also for Mondo Ignoto’s Horror and Forbidden archaeology magazines, owned by Dario Argento and Luigi Cozzi. Draw and write two stories for the comic book El Italiano, graphic Novel by Patricio Valladares (Hidden in the Woods) with Nicola Pesce Editore, Italy.

After that, I created two digital comic books: Ligeia the Vampire and Reborn. Ligeia was distributed by Rokcomics all over the world and sold in India, Malasia, and Bangladesh.Reborn is distributed for iPhone by Arrow Publications.

I worked in an Erotic Graphic Novel for the European market and made the Storyboard for Blair Erickson's movie The Banshee Chapter, a Before the Door and Sunchacer Entertainment production.

After two years studying a sophisticated animation software, I am in a position to launch my own animated series-

Ligeia the vampire in the animated version, for all of you. Buying my products in this shop will be helping the development of my project, which can be seen free on Youtube.

Thank you very much and welcome!